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Since 1992, Deb has acquired skills and experience in virtually every segment of finance. She holds the Accredited Financial Counsellor of Canada (AFCC) designation, a substantial testimony to her skills and expertise in a broad range of financial applications, and ensuring her commitment to internationally-recognized professional standards of competence, ethics and practice. Deb is also a Qualified Insolvency Counsellor (QIC), which equips her with an extra level of understanding and compassion towards those with debt challenges. As a skilled financial counsellor, she has used the Solutions-Focused Financial Counselling model since 2008.

For those who request relationship input, Deb has also completed training in Couples and Family Therapy Counselling. She has no affiliation with product sales whatsoever and accepts no commissions or referral fees, which assures her clients that they are receiving honest service.

Deb is the senior financial counsellor at In Tune Financial Solutions.  She also hosts “Tune Up With Deb,” a weekly financial talk show airing Saturdays at 9:30 am on 93.1 CFIS-FM.  She has contributed financial articles to the Prince George Citizen newspaper and The Light Magazine and has participated in numerous public seminars and workshops.

“Financial challenges are never about math or luck. People need more in their toolbox than a calculator, a lottery ticket and another loan,” advises Deb.

Deb has been a regular volunteer for various charitable community events for over 20 years, including working with our homeless and supporting those recovering from addictions. She has also participated in athletic fundraising events and has coached children’s sports.



Tune In and Tune Up with Deb

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Anyone can become successful at managing their finances. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to the financial challenges you face.  Your solution should be individual and personal.

Finding qualified, compassionate and unbiased professional counsel turns financial challenges into life opportunities. We offer our skills and experience so you can make lasting positive changes to the way you manage your money. We don’t lend money, we don’t provide investment options and we don’t provide legal advice — we are here to guide you into long term solutions to bring your finances into harmony with your life.

Still have questions? We’ve prepared some Frequently Asked Questions to help you along your journey.



We have a responsibility to our clients, to be both caring and effective in providing support and advice. This fosters the best use of time and money, in harmony with individual values and goals.


Full and plain communication is vital to successfully serving our clients. We strive to make all communication — both written and verbal — accurate and understandable for all.


We respect the individuals and families who contact us for help. We realize that the challenging circumstances they face are not uncommon, but the people are unique and valuable, and we are honored to serve them.


Each person employed by our company is committed to excellence in competency, and to on-going professional development. We value our ability to provide objective, unbiased advice about financial management solutions. We support and protect our clients’ right to privacy and confidentiality, and we meticulously comply with all laws and regulations applicable to our services.


We serve individuals and families from all types of backgrounds and circumstances. We also believe in referring people with highly specialized needs to professionals with specialist skills. Our work involves helping individuals, which in turn helps families, which in turn helps the community at large.